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We are manufacturers of washing centers, specialized in high pressure systems


We are specialized in the manufacturing and installation of washing centers, through a personalized and agile service.

We carry out tailor-made transformations in any type of carwash center, offering 24-hour technical service and maintenance.

We are a company with more than 35 years of experience in the carwash sector both nationally and internationally.

We manufacture custom wash centers and structures, prefabricated modules for any use ; modules designed for self-service laundry, pet washing service, office, changing rooms with showers for different uses such as farms, sports halls, etc. We adapt to the needs of each client.


Moure group is a holding company founded in 1996 with a presence in the energy and carwashes sectors, among others. It includes the companies Elefante Azul, Autonetoil, Petronet and Washnet Factory.

It operates in B2B and B2C through a specific business model for each of its brands. It’s values are focused to offer a high quality service, as well as security and trust for the consumer or franchisee.

Trough the innovation, quality and professionalism of it’s team, Moure group offers profitability in all the activities, adding value to the franchisees, partners and employees and generating a close bond with his brands.

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