Pet wash station

Comprehensive car wash and
Pets spa

We manufacture 100% of our products, we develop our own software, we have our own technical service, product development and commercial service.

Servicio a la

Crece el número de mascotas entre nosotros, formando parte de nuestra unidad familiar.

Mejoramos su higiene y salud.

Un espectacular mobiliario urbano

Ubicado en zonas estratégicas, es un gran complemento al mobiliario urbano.

Respetuoso con el medio ambiente

Un servicio de baño consume 20 litros de agua, frente a los más de 100 litros del baño tradicional.

Somos sostenibles. Nuestro sistema innovador con agua pulverizada y nuestra mejora continua, nos permite reducir el consumo de agua a la mínima expresión.

Mimamos a las mascotas

  • Champús veganos (libres de parabenos y siliconas)
  • Aceite de andiroba (repelente natural de insectos)
  • Ozono terapia (elimina malos olores y bacterias)
  • Agua descalcificadora (cuidamos de su pelo y piel)

Box C2/C3 Machinery

2 units I-0 20
3 units I-0 20

Spa para mascotas


  • Ozone therapy.
  • Bill and coin payment kit, Lavakan Club card reader VISA and MASTERCARD credit card payment kit.
  • Ozone Dispenser (Odor Neutralizer).


Module 6 m long x 2.35 m wide x 2.57 m high
Aluminum carpentry with 5+5 laminar front and side glass. Interior closet with door and key.

Galvanized Steel RAL 9003:

  • Smooth architectural sandwich.
  • Front door 2 leaves of 90 cm each, one with
    lock and the other folding.
  • Laminated glass (2 units) 4×4 2200×1875, polished corners.
  • Laminated side glasses (2 units) 5×5 2190×1250, polished corners.
  • Sliding aluminum windows (2 units)
  • OKUME board floor (maritime) covered with original Polar White Composite.
  • Composite quality canopy 40 cm.
  • Painted with 2C satin polyurethane enamel and TKROM GLASS EPOXI primer.

Electricity and Plumbing

Electrical installation and plumbing included Three-phase electrical panel (Domatic Delta Dore equipment with three actions)

  • LED lighting screens 60 x 60 (6 units).
  • Hot and Cold Air Conditioning (5,600 Fg / Kc).
  • Radio Music remote control (Fabrega Plana).
  • Concept 200 water softener.
  • Security cameras and recorder (2 units).
  • Exterior photoelectric cell for lights.

Equipment and safety

Magnet programmable door opening and closing.
Stainless sink installed in the front.

  • 40” TV and support for promotional videos.
  • Shampoo Dispenser (7 units). Paper Dispenser (2 units).
  • Trash cans (2 units).
  • Ibáñez table for brushing.
  • Stainless steel benches anchored in the ground (2 units).
  • Communication vinyls, internal and external marketing.
  • Four-sided illuminated sign of the Box with LED luminous profiles.

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