Pet spa

Comprehensive car wash &
Spa for pets

We manufacture 100% of our products, we develop our own software, we have our own technical service, product development and commercial service.

A service to the

The number of pets among us grows, forming part of our family unit.

We improve your hygiene and health. .

A spectacular urban furniture

Located in strategic areas, it is a great complement to urban furniture.

Respectful towards the environment

A bathroom service consumes 20 liters of water compared to the more than 100 liters of the traditional bathroom.

We are sustainable. Our innovative water spray system and our continuous improvement allow us to reduce water consumption to a minimum.

We pamper pets

We use:
  • Vegan shampoos (free of parabens and silicones)
  • Andiroba oil (natural insect repellent)
  • Ozone therapy (eliminates bad smells and bacteria)
  • Descaling water (we take care of your hair and skin)

Box C2 / C3 Machinery

2  I-0 20 units
3  I-0 20 units

Spa para mascotas


  • Ozone therapy
  • Banknote and coin payment kit, Lavakan Club card reader VISA and MASTERCARD credit card payment kit
  • Ozone dispenser (odor neutralizer)


Module of 6 m Length X 2.35 m Width x 2.57 m Height

Aluminium carpentry with 5 + 5 laminated glass on the front and sides. Interior closet with door and key.

Galvanized Steel RAL 9003:

  • Smooth architectural sandwich.
  • Front door 2 leaves of 90 cm each, one with lock and the other folding.
  • Laminated glass (2 units) of 4×4 of 2200×1875, polished corners.
  • Side laminated glass (2 units) 5×5 of 2190×1250, polished corners.
  • Aluminium sliding windows (2 units) 100×60.
  • OKUME board floor (maritime) covered with original Polar White Composite.
  • 40 cm Composite quality canopy. Painted with 2C satin polyurethane enamel and TKROM GLASS EPOXI primer

Electricity and Plumbing

Electrical installation and plumbing including Three-phase electrical panel (Domatic Delta Dore equipment with three actions)

  • LED lighting screens 60 x 60 (6 units)
  • Air conditioning Cold and Heat (5,600 Fg / Kc).
  • Radio Music remote control (Plana Fabrega).
  • Concept 200 water softener.
  • Security cameras and recorder (2 units).
  • Exterior photoelectric cell for lights.


Equipment and Safety

Programmable door opening and closing magnet. Stainless sink installed in the front.

  • 40 “TV and support for promotional videos.
  • Shampoo Dispenser (7 units). Paper Dispenser (2 units).
  • Litter bins (2 units).
  • Ibáñez table for brushing.
  • Stainless steel benches anchored to the ground (2 units).
  • Communication stickers, internal and external marketing.
  • Four-sided luminous sign of the Box with Led luminous profiles.


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